Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You can run but you cannot hide

Last night I stood on my balcony staring at the nearly full moon for a long time, and just before I came in I noticed and tried to remember- what was it that a ring around the moon means?
At about 9:00 this morning while sipping my tea I looked out the window and it came to me...ah yes, how could I forget? It meant there's gonna be Snow!

Now as a Vermonter, and one who really froze her assets off in the last few months of Vermont life. I am used to the cold. I'm used to working in the cold. And these last weeks of working in the vineyards I have learned to layer all the warm clothes that I brought with me. Most days find me wearing leggings and my carharts, two jumpers (sweaters) -but that just makes me smile to say it, and often two hats. BUT it has been sunny. So I hardly even notice the cold. Ho ho I tell my companions what winter is really like back home.
But today things look a bit different here in the south of France. It feels just a bit more wintry. It's dark, there is no sun and the flakes that were falling gently at first have now have geared up to be some serious ground-sticking real snow. I cannot see the vineyards. I can barely see the hill across the tiny valley. Alors...où est le soleil?

snow on rosemary blossoms

the ruins at the top of Roquessels

Olive trees catching most of the snow

It's slowing down now, I think that was the extent of the snowstorm. I hear dripping and the snow has all but stopped. I can see into the vineyards now. I think that this is my kind of blizzard- short and picturesque with no shoveling!

small village of Gabian...

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  1. You are so amazing! So proud of you and miss you so much! I love your blog. Can we Skype soon? This is your sister!


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