Sunday, February 8, 2015

Besties à merveille

 I know that I have the best friends... I mean my friends are da bomb...the cat's meow...the bee's knees.

They quite literally have been holding me up when I need it, and I've needed so much it seems.
They've constantly, lovingly and carefully reminding of what ever it is that I need reminding of...
that I'm smart,  I'm pretty, I am worthy, I'm right, I'm obsessing,  I am lovable, I'm ranting, I'm just thirsty.
They've fed me, housed me, shared gallons of tea (or stronger), hugged me and made me laugh.
Many of the smartest most loyal truth-telling, and that is whatever truth that's needed-"he is not rational, stop having the same conversation" -or the correct response to "tell me this dress looks great cause it's the most comfortable thing I've ever worn and I feel gorgeous" truthsayers on the planet.
Those peeps who have supported me through all of my cockamamie schemes;
"I've got this great idea...
        " I'm going to open a restaurant!"
        "I'm going to sell my beautiful house that I love and live in a shack!"
        "I'm going to stay in my hammock and single-handedly plow through what's left of all the good tequila, white wine and scotch left from the restaurant!"
        "I'm going to go to a part of the world I've never seen, where I can't speak the language and I don't know a soul!"

Some of you were near by when the bottom fell out of my world. Some of you became close right quick. Some of you don't know the story but don't need to and love me anyway from afar because that's what you've always done.

I know I could have gotten lost in the last year without you.
I'm not completely found yet, but I do know I'm worth saving.

 Thank you dear dear friends. My oldest and newest, the ones I see all the time, the ones I don't. The ones I'm related to and we love each other anyway.  The ones that I call all the time. The ones I should call more often. I'm so very grateful for your love and support. I will continue to try to be the person that you and I know is in there.
Thanks is not a big enough word. Blessings on each and every one of your beautiful loyal heads.
I love you
very very much


  1. Love, love, love you Laurie Merrigan. You are amazing and powerful! yes, powerful. I miss you. I think of you often. I'm always here, always will be. xo

    1. Thank you so much beautiful Beth. I love and miss you too. I'll be home all too soon, let's have a nice long catch up. bisous!

  2. Loved reading your journey! And love you even though from afar!

  3. Love Love Love you. SOOOOOO much. xo

  4. I finally read all your posts and saw all those lovely pics. Helped me get through the night with little one:) thanks for sharing your adventures. I could hear your footsteps taste the wine and smell the cheese! So happy for you. Glad you are making even more friends!! We love you. Xo


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