Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dinner for one

At the risk of getting duck fat on my keyboard, I had to write. Right now. I have to share what I am eating. I startled myself just now when I moaned. Today I went back to the heavenly market in Pezenas. I bought just about anything that caught my fancy. I did so, I'm sure because on the way to Pezenas I was calculating how much I've spent in the last couple weeks, worrying as usual about money. I realized I'd hardly spent much at all. (I've been staying in and eating a lot of kitchari and vegetables) I think that certainly fueled my spending a bit. Here's what I took out of my cute wicker shopping basket when I returned.
(Yes, that's a letter(see next post) to me! In France! I feel so loved) Now I want to draw your attention to the container of olivey stuff on the right. This is what I've just finished mopping up with some of that beautiful bread. "Canard aux olives" is all that the sign said but oh, the scent drew me in so fast I didn't care that I couldn't understand all that the man told me. I just nodded and said " Je voudrais ça" (that's not grammatically correct of course but he understood as drooling is universal). Oh yea baby, duck with finely chopped tomatoes, garlic, onions, several kinds of olives and perfectly cooked in duck fat.  Over some fingerling potatoes and a tiny braised cabbage= Heaven. I wish I could eat all over again. The good news... that was only half of it! Hehehee. I can do this again tomorrow!
Now those jars are the aforementioned escargots. Yup today was the day for shopping. I'm not sure what and for whom I'll cook all these beautiful things but boy did it make me happy to bring them home.  I do have some very nice dinners to reciprocate to my new and lovely friends. Peut être. (maybe. maybe I'll eat it alllll. Definitely turned a corner here today)
It was a beautiful sunny day and much warmer. It's been very cold and snowy for the last week. (I am not looking for sympathy New Englanders- this is nuthin compared to what you got going on) 
As I headed off this morning to the south, cruising thru the towns of Gabian and Roujan I think of you Johnny, and how you would love to drive on these roads lined with so many Plane trees and bordered by vineyards. I take so many of these pics with you in mind bro.

having written "dinner for one" I felt compelled to watch it.  Twice. Different versions -just sitting here laughing out loud all by myself.

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