Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day

Oh, what a sweet day it has been... it's Saturday, so of course I took Courtney, (darling wife of son Jesse) who surprised us all, including herself by making this visit happen, to my favorite haunt in Pézenas. Only to learn that with the advent of spring the market is much bigger! As we walked through the old parts of town, we found even more vendors just lined up in several more little squares. It was wonderful and made more so by having someone so eager to share it with. 


So, I had made this into a sweet little slide show with fun music. Clearly I don't actually possess all of those skills so please peruse the pics and hum a nice peppy french tune ok? (If "frère jacque" is all you got, no worries just hum away and pretend you're there with me)

yes, I do stalk this guy in his adorable Citroën

"Deux pains au chocolat se il vous plaît"

Until today I had only read of violet nose gays

My favorite Valentine, right here

A lovely way to end the day...

It's possible that you may be able to see said video here, though no guarantees...


  1. Love seeing all the little potted plants for sale! And the flowers. Spring!

  2. oh wow the artichokes with their leaves are beautiful! I loved the plants in window boxes and growing up the wall. The marche' pics blow my mind love


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