Sunday, November 18, 2012

Project in the peacock garden

 Originally designed as assortment of pheasants, fighting cocks, blackbirds but now generally all referred to as all peacocks, surround these large holding beds for a great assortment of perennials. We lifted Asters- thomsonii, cordifolius and calliope, Monarda mohawk, Echinacea rubinwerg, some beautiful Persicaria amplexicaulis'firetail'. We divided these, amended the soil with mushroom compost, bonemeal and some grit(soil is very heavy here), and put back some of the plants(the rest went of to the nursury to be divided further and planted). Then Forget-me-nots and a ton of bulbs are interspersed- Alliums aflatunense and Tulip atilla. Then some large Verbascum 'christo's yellow lightning' were carefully inserted. (I cannot wait to see these pics next spring and summer!) It was an amazing experience to work with almost the whole crew here, including Fergus and Siew Lee (she's second in command). It was the end of a long week. Everyone seemed to be happy to be doing just what they were doing. We were as a group, incredibly productive. There a palpable contented and busy energy in the garden that I tried to take in and store for those quiet solitary times back in my VT gardens.

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  1. Thanks for your great posts Laurie, I am savoring the pictures and the tales in the garden...


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