Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More and more bulbs....

Here is the solar garden before we ripped out all the lovely asters, rudbeckias, cannas and tagetes and planted close to 200 daydream tulips.
 The boss listening to thoughts on the long border from Rachel.
 Orange emperor tulips and forget-me-nots in the high garden
 So when the good weather fails, (and we knew it had to happen), we headed under cover to plant many pots of bulbs for the amazing spring displays.
 Tom and Maggie carefully potting up tulips and double layers of narcissus.
 Not a clear pic but didn't want to leave out any of these peeps that have become so dear. Here's James, Graham, Fergus and Rachel.
 Carefully selecting the perfect pot for specific bulbs...
 Tons of tiny muscari! Must do this for Thorndikes!
 Literally dozens of pots...
 You can't really tell, but these are huge pots. They all over winter in cold frames.
 Crazy weather in these parts... just a short while ago it was raining buckets. Then this...
 and then this,
and then this within a half an hour!

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