Monday, November 26, 2012

Long lasting color in the garden

 In between raindrops we've had some extraordinary weather- warm and beautifully sunny. The color in the garden is still remarkable and in this late November sun it just glows.

 A lovely Euonymous(don't know which) has delicate spring like blossoms at the end of November!
 There are show-stopping windows of color around almost every corner....
 Yup, the one and only 'honorine jobert' Anemone japonica, heartbreakingly gorgeous, still.
 Oh I love this Salvia convertiflora! Looked so good with the teasel, right until we had to cut it down. We took cuttings though and I'm looking forward to trying this from seed in VT!
 This is Clematis' gravetye beauty', still going strong up the olearia solandri.
This is Penstemon garnet I believe, and giving some last bits of color in the barn garden.

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