Monday, March 9, 2015

"there is just so much beautiful here"

My friends, Calle and Libby came to see (read check up on) me.
We had one glorious day after another together. They were as happy to follow me into the vineyards for a morning of pruning as they were to put their feet in le méditerranée, wander through yet another charming village or help me fill the shopping basket with delicacies from the Pézenas market. We laughed for days and much of many nights. I feel loved and restored and almost ready to come home. We had some memorable time with winemakers Simon and Monica Coulshaw and really enjoyed the trek with them to see first hand what it looks like to restore abandoned vineyards. It was an honor to hear Simon explain his vision for what is perhaps the most magical place I've seen yet. It was up above Roquessels. We could see golden sun glinting off the sea in the distance then across the rolling planted hills to the old chateau that marks the village of Roquessels and into the distance toward the south west we could see the enormous snow capped peaks of the Pyranees, one after another. Simply breathtaking. One of our many quotes of the day, first spoken by Calle I think was repeated by one or maybe by each one of us..."there is just so much beautiful here". It's so true. There really is. I am completely smitten. They were smitten. It was a real pleasure to be able to show my friends just a few (because we did run out of time) of my most favorite special places.

beach pigeons

full moon

cabbage obsession

cheeky monkeys!

impromptu picnic, no glasses, very classy

Happy early birthday Calle!

(that is the village of Roquessels behind us)
 Thank you dear friends, it was a wonderful amazing visit. Thank you for making it happen.  I love you both very very much.

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  1. oh the jealous joy I feel for you all my dear friends!!!The pictures are so incredible...the sunshine and happy faces. I love it all! xxoo


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