Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stalking the wild asparagus... and then some.

It's true. I have been stalking wild asparagus. I'd heard about it, then when walking with a friend a few weeks ago he found one and gave it too me.  Raw, it was interesting and I was curious to know more,  but cooked- it's sublime. Looking for it is tricky. It's secretive, it's tiny in diameter, it's kind of nondescript. It looks like everything thing else in the prickly underbrush. But good lord, it is worth the scratches. The first time I steamed it and put a bit of butter (french butter rules) and salt and pepper. I tasted one in the pan, and then proceeded to just stand there and eat every single one. I was hooked. Now I drive slowly on back roads and sometimes just turn the car off in the middle of these tiny roads if I think I see some. All the roads around here look like they could be someone's driveway so I've become quite bold about just toodling on up to see what I see. Happily, I can say I've not yet come to any unfavorable ends.

see it there in the middle?
there's a nice tall one on the left

this was a nicer looking road that did indeed turn out to be some one's private drive, whoops.
 I am missing my family (my darling Lylababy) and my peeps something fierce. And I miss random things like my teapot and I've been thinking of my hellebores and loving how they usually peek up through the snow. I feel the pull of sugaring season with my friends at the Bunker farm and I dream of all those early bulbs I planted.
But I feel that I might not be ready yet. Then as I was searching through the brush yesterday I came upon the most glorious hellebore! I shamelessly cut the stalk and brought it home as a sign of encouragement that I'm not done here.
Searching... or just waiting for answers? Or just resting and recuperating? I've been asking myself these things for 2+ months. I'm still not sure. But the feeling I had while walking home smiling from helping some friends with a fistful of newly dug leeks from the mayor who stopped working in his garden to say hello. That warm feeling was getting close I think. A sense of community perhaps? Surprising isn't it? In a place I've lived for only a couple of months. I hummed happily as I walked toward this little house, planning a beautiful meal for one. Taking care of myself in a nurturing and intentional way, and oh- not being exhausted... these are all good additions to life.  Feeling appreciated, also significant.
Also not ready to give up unpasteurized brie, and so many duck products, or working with Monica in the vineyards, or Simon's wine.
my new favorite spot, I've gone almost everyday since finding it.

A sign?

I followed these crazy walls that wind around for a long time, then noticed they clink like glass (I think obsidian does this too) when they fall together. Why is that? these are the things I must know before I leave...

Ok,this did turn out to be someones lawn, but they were not home and I felt they would appreciate me appreciating their beautiful landscape. No, there was no asparagus to be had.
I'm just going to continue to enjoy my contemplative days and nights. Enjoy this respite for what it is (a gift from the gods) for as long as I can. That feels like the only right way to honor this most precious of times.

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  1. nice light buddy! what I would give to join you right there in that perfect spot , in that perfect light...quietly


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