Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A wee visit to Scotland

  It was a cold, frosty and in some places quite snowy trek to Edinburgh...

  It seemed like such a good idea to leave the dry clean pavement of the motorway for the more scenic route through the mountains...

But it was gorgeous as we came down towards Edinburgh in late day sun.(look for the sheep dots!)

We arrived in Edinburgh Friday night at rush hour in the middle of the Christmas fete-brilliant!
But we secured a room and headed out to join in the fun.

The castle all lit up on the hill
The whole city was dressed up for the holidays and just magical.

And we found the fun. Yes, Libby there's Calvados in that cup! and an enormous pickle with the potatoes fried with bacon and onions. Tasted as good as it smelled!
We had a great time and ended the night in the old town with smoked salmon and plenty of oysters

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