Thursday, December 6, 2012

A bit of a wander to the east and north...

 Ok, I've got my rental car(looks like a toy), gotta cuppa(of course it's tea) and I'm driving on the wrong side of the road!

 Brighton pier skeleton...
and we found the loveliest turkish restaurant, yum.
We stopped and wandered the remains of Cowdray castle as we headed west,
 and as we walked I looked up and sure enough- I'm standing under a ball of mistletoe! Let the season begin!

 Then we headed to Oxford, what an amazing place. I felt smarter just for walking around.

 Then I picked up this handsome student.

 Ah, the lovely golden stone of the Cotswolds... these pics don't do it justice.
mom, you were asking what's still in bloom...
I think Jesse and Lyla could be very happy here too.
This is the last bit of light as we head out of the Peak district, on the top of a large peak.
The landscape is very different up here, with stone walls instead of hedges dividing large parcels of pasture but with more trees. The light was just fantastic, but sunset came much earlier.

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