Friday, January 23, 2015

One really cannot call it work...

I had a glorious day in the vineyard today! It was very sunny but the strongest winds I've experienced here. It was tolerable but it did interfere with our chatting. I love learning about the different vines. Today we started with Syrah and then moved onto Viognier vines. I asked about the age of the vines and was told this was a newer method of trellising so they were probably only about 50 yrs old! (it's all relative, hmm?)
I'm back home with very strong tea and some nice little french bisquits (cookies) watching what they call robins here- tiny little birds the size of a blue bird with bright rusty-colored breast. They're quite curious and come very close.
It's been such a nice day. I'm happy to work, and in such lovely surroundings with nice people- it's enough. Definitely enough.
I've been invited out for wine with Monica and friends tomorrow night and off to the town fete on Sunday. My social calender is filling right up!
The morning view from my balcony

before pruning

After 1st stage of pruning

My mates. The lovely Monica is on the right.

This lunch that Monica made for us tasted like a million bucks. The wine did too.

The almond trees at the edge of the vineyard

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  1. amazing to see the vineyards and to see your new mates and those foil wrapped sandwiches you mentioned. Thank you for keeping the pictures rolling! love ya buddy


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